Awards 1984:




Grand Prix – was not granted

Jury has decided to grant The Golden Hobby-Horse as a Special Prize of Honour to Sylwester Braun alias „Kris”, the author of the photographs used in films: „Scenes from Warsaw Rising – August” and „Scenes from Warsaw Rising – September” directed by Tadeusz Makarczyński - WFD

Special Prizes – Silver Dragons:

„The Hunger Disease”/ „Choroba głodowa” directed by Jarmo Jääskelafinen – Interpress

„A Portrait By Nature”/ „Portret z natury” directed by Andrzej Szczygieł – WFO

Bronze Hobby-Horses:

for documentary film:

„Because This Is Our Land”/ „Bo to ziemia nasza” directed by Tadeusz Wudzki - WFD

for animated film:

„The End”/ „Koniec” directed by Ewa Bibańska - SMF

for TV film:

„On the Side- Track”/ „Na bocznicy” directed by Elżbieta Jaworowicz – TV Poltel

Other forms:

„To Know The World”/ „Poznać świat” directed by Andrzej Warchał - SFA

for the best debut:

„A Caretaker”/ „Dozorca” directed by Józef Małosz - WFD


Professional Awards:

for writting: Jacek Kasprzycki for „My Home”/ „Mój dom” /SMF/

for cinematography: Halina Poznanśka for „Tha Last Traces”/ „Ostatnie ślady” directed by Andrzej Mellin /WFO/

for special visual values: Piotr Dumała for „Flaying Hair”/ „Latające włosy” /Semafor/

Special Mention to WFD Archive Team for the materials used in „National Council”/ „Krajowa Rada Narodowa” directed by Barbara Dutkiewicz and Janusz Kędzierzawski



Grand Prix – Golden Dragon: Mo Sami Valdet” directed by Skule Eriksen, Kare Tannvik (Norway)

Special Prizes – Golden Dragons:

„Flamenco at 5:15” directed by Cyntia Scott (Canada)

„Wospominanije o Pawłowskie” directed by Irina Kalinina (USRR)

Silver Dragons:

„Grinci” directed by Nikołaj Woliew (Bulgaria)

„Ana” directed by Mirjana Zoranović (Yugoslavia)

„The Picturesque Fatherland in the Landscapes of Li Keran”/ „Malownicza Ojczyzna w Pejzażach Li Kerana” directed by Hig Xionin (China)

„Tu” directed by Ion Popescu – Gopo (Romania)


Professional Awards – Bronze Dragons:

for cinematography: Jacek Żuk-Żukowski for „To The Other Side”/ „Na drugi brzeg” directed by Andrzej Papuziński (Poland)

for music: Phil Marshall for „End Of The Rainbow” directed by Laszlo Papas (USA)

for writting: Philippe Le Guay for „Le Clou”


Honorary Diplomas:

Vorwarnzeit” directed by Lutz Konerman, Jan Schutte, Markus Bräutigam (Germany)

Rozhovory” directed by Drahomira Vyhanová (CSRS)

Kalank” directed by P. K. Rajhuns (India)

Ajtò 8” directed by Mária Horváth (Hungary)


FIPRESCI Award: „Fontanki” directed by Oleg Kowaczew (Bulgaria)

FICC Award – Don Kichote: "Kywadlo, Jama A Nadeje" directed by Jan Svankmajer (CSRS)

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