Wild Africa

Documentary | UK | 42'

Wild Africa

Wild Africa

This film made in the 3D technology takes us on an extraordinary journey to Africa, a magic continent of our planet. Water serves as a guide that accompanies us in the exploration of mountain tops, great river beds and lakes full of life. We travel across tropical forests and enormous waterfalls as well as barren deserts and savannahs. Excess or shortage of water often determines the living strategies of animals and humans, fighting for survival every day. Lions, elephants, flocks of flamingos and reptiles alike adjust to water circulation and wait for monsoon rains, which bring salvation in the difficult conditions of Africa. The challenge for filmmakers was not only to capture Africa from a new perspective, but also to face extreme conditions that require filming in the 3D technology where temperatures exceed 50oC and air humidity equals almost 100%.

Director: Mike Slee, Patrick Morris
Script: Mike Slee
Cinematography: Mark Debble, Robin Cox
Music: Patrick Doyle
Cast: Helena Bonham Carter
Production: Neil Nightingale

Produkcja: BBC Earth

Date: 2015

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