Awards 1976:





Grand Prix – Golden Hobby- Horse – ex aequo:

"She Was Born”/ „Urodzona” directed by Blanka Danilewicz

„Frontal Impact”/ „Zderzenie czołowe” directed by Marcel Łoziński

Special Prizes – Silver Hobby- Horse:

Hela Pacewiczówna from Zadworzan”/ „Hela Pacewiczówna z Zadworzan” directed by Tamara Sołomiewicz

A Mic For Everyone”/ „Mikrofon dla wszystkich” directed by Tomasz Zygadło

Bronze Hobby- Horse:

A New Book”/ „Nowa książka” directed by Zbigniew Rybczyński

An Etnographic Sketch”/ „Szkic etnograficzny” directed by Bohadan Kosiński

Boiling Point”/ „Temperatura wrzenia” directed by Andrzej Zajączkowski

Special Mention:

The Ardent Fingers”/ „Gorejące palce” directed by Daniel Szczechura

Roadside”/ „Pobocza” directed by Andrzej Brzozowski

A Trace”/ „Ślad” directed by Helena Włodarczyk

Jacek Petrycki for creative work and participation in realization of three awarded films: „Frontal Impact”, „A Mic For Everyone” and „An Etnographic Sketch”


Technology Museum NOT Award: „Enigma” directed by Andrzej Trzos – Rastawiecki

COMUK Award: „A Lass and the Devil”/ „Dziewcę z ciortem” directed by Piotr Szulkin



Grand Prix – Golden Dragon: „Day of Rajko Maksim” “Jeden dan Rajka Maksima” directed by Zlatko Lavonić (Yugoslavia)

Special Prizes – Golden Dragons:

Prologue”/ „Prolog” directed by Andrzej Piekutowski (Poland)

Together with a Soldier”/ „Riadom s sołdatom” directed by I. Gelejn (USRR)

Silver Dragons:

Word – Play”/ „Wortspiele” directed by Borislav Sajtinać (Germany)

Folly Beans”/ „Babfilm” directed by Otto Foky (Hungary)

6th of April – Dramatic Variant of Memory”/ „6 aprile – dramatizzazione di un ricordo” directed by Carlo Sacchettoni (Italy)

„The Key” directed by Ghaleb Shaathá (Palestine)

Bronze Dragons:

Incidentally”/ „En passat” directed by Stojan Dukow (Bulgaria)

The Village on the Infinite Gobi Desert”/„Ich Gobin Ail” directed by C. Nawaan, Cz. Gombo (Mongloia)

Nina” diected by B. Nasimow, W. Gruzin (USRR)


Honorary Dilomas:

Mr. Pointu”/ „Monsieur Pointu” directed by Bernard Longpré, André Leduc (Canada)

The Walls of Revolution”/ „Le murs d’une revolution” directed by Jean –Paul Deniss (France)

Those Damned Tuscans”/ “Die Verdammter Toscaner” directed by Karl Gass (GDR)

The Students on the Branch”/ “Leerling op zaal” directed by Otto Horach (The Netherlands)

Special Honorary Diploma: Soviet Cinematography for the best package of competition films


FIPRESCI Award: „A Lass and the Devil”/ „Dziewcę z Ciortem” directed by Piotr Szulkin (Poland) and „Together with a Soldier”/ „Riadom s sołdatom” directed by I. Gelejn (USRR)

CIDALC Award – Honorary Diploma: „Forms” directed by A.F. Darwish (Egypt)

CIDALC Award – Special Mention: „What Do You Want?”/ „Kakago rożna choczetsa” directed by D. Czerkawski (USRR)

FICC Award "Don Kichote": "Day of Rajko Makism"/ "Jeden dan Rajka Maksima" directed by Zlatko Lavonić (Yugoslavia)

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